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Submotile interview in Big Takeover

When we started publishing midsummer madness as a fanzine back in the early 90s, Big Takeover was a dream to pursue. This Nort-American fanzine turned into one of the best and most comprehensive music magazines still being published.

So, it’s with great joy that we share the interview that Big Takeover staff did with Irish-Italian shoegazer duo Submotile. Their debut album “Ghosts Fade in Skylines” was described as “a mesmerizing sonic weave of dream gaze and soft drones” by Elizabeth Klisiewicz.

Michael and Daniela gave an interview that originally appeared as a Short Take in Issue 85 of The Big Takeover. In the interview, we learn that Human League and Duran Duran were the duo’s first records, and that Michael was “converted” to good music by his sister, who took him to see Sonic Youth in Dublin in 1991 (and that the opening act was a band called Nirvana).

Read all the interview here.
Listen to Submotile here and here.
Buy limited edition CD by Submotile here.

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