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capa alta porque este oceano

Various – Porque este oceano es el tuyo, es el mio (midsummer madness / Si No Puedo Bailar… )

South America has long had a pretty decent indiepop scene, though few bands (like Postal Blue and Pale Sunday) ever really seem to get much attention up here. Well, for anyone interested in hearing what’s going on down there, this hour-long collection of songs from all over the continent (plus one from Mexico) would be a great place to start. Most of these bands are new to me, although there were a couple songs that I’ve heard elsewhere, including the best song from Hacia Dos Veranos’s 2004 EP and yet another album track on a compilation from the excellent Luisa Mandou Um Beijo (who I really would love to hear more from!). Other favorites come from the delightfully jangly Amelia and Apanhador Só, the dreamy Lissa and the crooning Coiffeur. Not strictly indiepop, this disc also contains a few electronic songs, most of which I wasn’t too into, although I did like the poppy song from Ondo and parts of Filme’s jazzy composition. Of course, all of these songs are sung in Spanish or Portuguese, but language barriers are no matter for true fans of pop!

by Chris Mac – Indie Pages

CD version is sold out.
Download digital copy at http://mmrecords.com.br/porque-este-oceano/

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