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New brazilian shoegaze playlist

Following the release of “Real” by Frabin, we decided to put together some music videos of other brazilian bands that recently put out new songs. We named it “new brazilian shoegazer” which is quite pretentious but may guide you through amazing new songs by Loomer, Fish Magic, Lava Divers, My Magical Glowing Lens and others.


Most of these bands are on midsummer madness and, if you like what you see, try listening to their full albuns:
Frabin – Real - https://midsummermadness.bandcamp.com/album/real
rabin – Selfish  - https://midsummermadness.bandcamp.com/album/selfish

Lava Divers - https://midsummermadness.bandcamp.com/album/lava-divers

Churrus – Transcontinental - https://midsummermadness.bandcamp.com/album/transcontinental

Loomer – You Wouldn’t Anyway - https://midsummermadness.bandcamp.com/album/you-wouldnt-anyway-2

Fish Magic – Songs From the Night Shift - https://midsummermadness.bandcamp.com/album/songs-from-the-night-shift

Postado 06/12/2015 às 9:31