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Mr-Spaceman’s 5th album dives deep in Brazilian folk-psychedelia


pic: Mariana Porto

Mr-Spaceman is Regis Damasceno‘s space to release his own songs. Born in Fortaleza, an idyllic seaside capital in the Northeast of Brazil, Regis moved to São Paulo in the late 90s and started his career as a side-guitarist for many famous Brazilian musicians.

He has been playing and writing songs with Cidadão Instigado and played as side-musician with Guizado, MoMo, Lucas Santtana, Vanessa da Matta, Tom Zé, Arnaldo Antunes, Otto, Beto Guedes, Jupiter Maçã, Gui Amabis, Milton Nascimento, Marcelo Jeneci, Karina Buhr, Pélico, to name a few.

Locked at home during the Covid-19 pandemic, Régis Damasceno, released his 5th album. “Park” is his “second pandemic album”(“Loop” came before). It features 10 songs composed by himself and others with long time partners such as Daniel Pessoa (“Golden Sky”), Júlia Debasse (“Naive”) and Mário Quinderé (from Dead Poets, Fish Magic) on “Black Rain” and “It Comes at Night”.

Raised listening to Beatles and The Smiths, Mr-Spaceman’s music is guitar-focused but “Park” welcomes new instruments such as the sitar, piano and different synthesized beats. It’s a modern take on Brazilian folk and psychedelia.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Régis, “Park” also features appearances by Clayton Martin (Cidadão Instigado, Detetives, Os Ostras) playing the drums and inserting samplers on some tracks, André Lima playing the piano on “It Comes at Night” and Fernando Catatau (Cidadão Instigado) playing the guitar on “Kronos”.

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