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Hypnagogic dreams with Electric Lo Fi Seresta


Rio de Janeiro’s Electric Lo Fi Seresta has released it’s new album titled “Songs From The Hypnagogic Cave”. Brazilian blog The Blog That Celebrates Itself reviewed it this way:

In this sleep / sonorous dream, a predominance of a grey and smoky aura directs the listener, obviously, as Electric Lo Fi Seresta’s dream-pop goes beyond, far beyond, the simple cuteness of his contemporaries: echoes of languid post-punk works, such as “Harmony” by The Wake, “In Silence” by Fra Lippo Lippi, serves as creative fuel, combined with the beauty and melodic exuberance of low aesthetic, which resembles the Dunedin scene (…)

The album was released in digital format only and a music video for the track “Kissing Bats Like the Drones” was released in the same way, check it out:

Postado 18/07/2020 às 12:03