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© photo by Matthias Steffen

Desde 1996 os Honeyheads lutam pelo bom gosto e contra as guitarras pesadas, pelas melodias e contra o machismo, pelo entusiasmo e contra o roque. Oriundos de Hamburgo, na Alemanha, já na tenra idade dos dezesseis anos, Henning (voz / guitarra) e Nico (bateria) começaram a cuidar das almas delicadas deste mundo. O soul torto da Postcard Records está gravado profundamente na DNA deles e é inerente ao pop entusiasta dos Honeyheads – como ideologia de ingenuidade.

Desde 2006, a banda existe no seu elenco atual com (refugiada suiça) Martina (voz / guitarra) e Leif (voz / baixo) e finalmente soa como se os membros sempre tivessem estado à espera uns dos outros. A habilidade de se entusiasmar funciona para eles como a única maneira possível de encarar de frente este mundo. Encanto e graça como armas antipatriarcais e deslumbramento como meio político contra a dominância do insignificante arbitrário.

Em março de 2008, saiu o seu primeiro EP “Edwyn Speaks Louder Than Kirk” via Cloudberry Records. Consiste de mixagens diferentes das canções que o midsummer madness lança como EP virtual “Os Abelha Mestra Tapes”.



“Honeyheads make a beautiful pop noise that should be heard by everyone. To know them is to love them.”
- Phil Wilson (The June Brides)

One perfect early-summer late-afternoon, I find myself shamblefooting home, full of wine; my joyful swagger mimicked by the coastal grass. As the sun disappears behind the embankment, the easterly breeze whips up across the bay and I hear the familiar rustle of gum leaves. I round the bend and feel the sun’s glow again as the tail-wind picks up momentum and carries me up the final hill of my journey — it’s become the perfect early-evening. Then the Honeyheads album ends and I realise I’ve been home the whole time, making soup. And it’s time for a glass of wine!”
- Mark Monnone (The Lucksmiths, Lost And Lonesome Recordings)

“The Honeyheads must be, and I’m sure that I’m making no mistake, the only indiepop band in Germany that captures the spirit of those emblematic late 80s and early 90s. This little genre that we all love also lived it’s heyday during those years in Germany, running parallel to what was happening in the UK. Bands like Die Fünf Freunde, Most Wanted Men or even Throw that Beat in the Garbagecan! defined a scene back then. It’s no wonder that a label that was born during those years, releasing classic releases by the likes of The Legendary Bang or Red Letter Day, put an eye on them and decided to stop hibernation and put their record out. That label is Marsh-Marigold, a staple in indiepop, in Germany and the whole world.

I wonder if they still wear the white and yellow costumes during their gigs. That was a great touch. The superb energy they display, exchanging vocals between the band members, charmed everyone that only time I saw them live, at the Astrastube in Hamburg. Their songs include strong hits like Out of Marseille or the great Akira, and what about their bouncy cover of the Blue Hearts, Linda Linda. Their first single, that I was lucky to release, sold out so fast, even faster than that one of the Pains. So who knows, maybe it’s time for them to stop being a well-kept secret in indiepop circles and the German crowd, I believe it’s time for more people to find out about them!”
- Roque Ruiz (Cloudberry Records, Plastilina Records)