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Countryside astronaut in Motormama’s new music video

Motormama‘s song “Não Sou Mais o Mesmo Sujeito,” has now an unusual music video:

The song is taken from their 4th and most recent album “Fogos de Artifício” released in early 2017. In the music video, Major Tom ‘Pig’ Gagarin, a South American cosmonaut, returns to his hometown for a night out and goes to Motormama gig. Sure thing to do if you were an astronaut…

The video is directed by F.L. Piton based in an idea by guitarist and vocalist Régis Martins. It was shot at Ribeirão Preto’s cultural centre “Espaço A Coisa”.

Check Motormama’s latest album:

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Lautmusik’s animated music video

Last August Lautmusik, post-punk 5 piece from the South of Brazil, published a music video for the song “Stargazer”


The song is on the 2nd album, “Juniper”, released in 2015 by midsummer madness. The music video was directed by Maria Alice Machado and photography direction was in the hands of Eduardo Nascimento Rosa.

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80′s synth dream pop: Frabin’s 4 new songs are out

Frabin released last week a new EP titled “Nope” with four new tracks. This is Victor Fabrin’s solo project first new songs after his debut was out in 2015.

One of new songs, “Habits”, already has a music video made in VHS.

Those songs were recorded at Frabin’s home studio sometime in the middle of 2016. Again, they were mastered by Rob Grant, in Poons Head Studio, Perth, Australia.

Frabin argues: “Grant have worked with an incredible list of artists that I admire, such as Tame Impala, Miley Cyrus. He also uses an absurd amount of vintage and analog gear to process the songs that take my 4 track recorded songs to a different level in ‘Nope’

The picture for the cover art is Victor’s mums, Mrs. Edna Silva. “It’s a small part of a picture she took when we went to a Pool Park in 1999, and I was just 5 years old. I know it’s a bit abstract but it gives me a nostalgic comfort that I wanted for this songs“.

“Nope” is available in digital, cassete and CD format. You can buy it from our bandcamp.

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JNKTR new single and video

After a long tour that began in April and ended in July, Justine Never Knew the Rules released a new song: “Polar Bear (Hibernation Song)”.

A new music videos featuring images of their last tour with scenes in Goiânia, Uberlândia, Brasilia and kilometers of roads within Brazilian countryside.

Directed by Fabrício Vianna and Marceli Marques (from Lobotomia studios), the video also shows cameo appearances from other bands like Loomer and Lava Divers.

Listen and buy “Polar Bear [Hibernation Song]” – bandcamp

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Brazilian shoegazer noise pioneers’ Low Dream complete catalog available

Formed in 1991, Brasília’s Low Dream released two albums, one cassete and a compilation of extras. Now their catalog is available in digital format. “Dreamland” (the demo), “Between My Dreams & the Real Things” (1st album), “Reaching for Balloons” (2nd album) and the compilation “Soundscapes” are also available in Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Google Music, Amazon Music and several others.

In brief:

low_dream_dreamlandDreamland (1992)
first demo tape, with 4 songs, produced by Geruza from the Brazilian punk-metal band Escola de Escândalos.
Released only on cassette tape, it sold approximately 800 copies. Original version had a blue cover, xeroxed in a crappy paper. So, we needed a new cover for the digital re-release. This one was designed by Low Dream’s drummer Giovanni Fernandes.

tracklist: Treasure (demo);  My Dear Ocean (demo); I Never Had Sugar Dreams (demo); Candy (demo)

spotify               deezer                  apple music



capa_betweenmydreamsBetween My Dreams And The Real Things (1995)
first album with 10 songs, also produced by Geruza in his studio Artimanha (Brasilia).
The album bogged down more than a year of waiting until their label, Rock It!, was able to press it on CD. Although being distributed by major EMI, the album went to supermarkets and department stores and was stranded. Meanwhile, Low Dream broke out Brazil playing dreadful places.

tracklist: Lose My Dreams (in a Deep Blue Sky); Chasing a Butterfly; My Garden; Sugar Drops (for a Fairy); Only a Finest Breeze; I Never Had Sugar Dreams; Precious Love; Watching Caroline´s Dream; Treasure; Candy

spotify                deezer                  apple music


low_dream_soundscapesSoundscapes (1995)
Released originally as a cassete compilation of extras, it featured only acoustic recordings made for Brazilian radio program “Cult 22″. In 2001, midsummer madness re-released “Soundscapes” cassete as CD including a version of “Jesus Come Back to Earth” (taken from “Where Is My Rock’n’Roll?” – tribute to Arnaldo Baptista, 2001, label: Dabliú ) and Drugstore‘s “Starcrossed” version. For this digital re-released, the original cover was replaced by a new one (also designed by Giovanni).

tracklist: Acid.trip.smile (acoustic); A Sky Between Us (acoustic); From The Ocean Inside Your Bewitched Eyes (acoustic); Rocket Ride (acoustic); Shine (acoustic); These Little Things Touch Me Everytime (acoustic); Starcrossed (Drugstore); My Dear Ocean (acoustic); Jesus Come Back to Earth (Arnaldo Baptista)

bandcamp       spotify                deezer                apple music


capa-reachingforballoonsReaching For Balloons (1996)
Second album, released only in CD format through band’s own Uptight label.
Only 1000 copies were pressed. Features 12 tracks, self-produced, surely their best album. Smashing Pumpkins meets Stereolab, lyrics in French and English, features a 2nd guitarist, Luis Eduardo. Unfortunatelly, Low Dream split an year after releasing this album.

tracklist: From The Ocean Inside Your Bewitched Eyes; A Sky Between Us; These Little Things Touch Me Everytime; Rocket Ride; Shine; Me And My Friend The Rain; Balloon Head; Trois Millions D´Etoiles; Acid.trip.smile; What We Feel; Ultra Violet; Reaching for Balloons Bonus Track

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Spotlight on Devilish Dear


“After waves and waves of rather good but trite nu gaze bands, something this fresh is rather remarkable. Kudos Devilish Dear.”

Braulio Almeida (glass-wearing guy on the right in the picture) started writing songs 20 years ago, when he was just a teenager aged 16. Nowadays he’s works with 2D and 3D animation for advertising in TV and short films. He also runs a sound design studio where he crafts soundtracks for games, TV and ads.

He met Rômulo Collopy (bass player) during his studies at Villa-Lobos, a music school in Rio de Janeiro, and they both met Shelly Modesto (vocals) in old social network Orkut. “Yeah, old school. This was around 2007″, remembers Braulio. The album “These Sunny Days” was shaped during almost 10 years: “I listened to all our archived ideas and blended the album using all that was worth. Cos’, if you don’t, you end up with all those beautiful useless riffs, this is bad karma”.

“These Sunny Days” was originally released in october 2015 with 8 tracks and a bonus. Shoegaze guitars, lots of post production effects and assertive electronic beats scattered here and there will remind you of my bloody Valentine, Medicine and Cocteau Twins, especially when Shelly sings.

Despite all the sophistication of the songs, Devilish Dear never played a gig. “These songs are my hobby, my contribution to people that like the same kind of music that I do“, points Braulio. “A email from someone saying they liked is good enough, puts no money in my pocket. But this is about something else“.

In february 2017, midsummer madness teamed up with Devilish Dear to promote “These Sunny Days”. And with very little effort, the band started receiving very enthusiastic feedback:
- shoegazer and indie-rock oriented YouTube Channel Underrated republished their songs to immediate mouth-to-mouth explosion of views;

- bandcamp curators liked that Devilish Dear puts some brazilian accent to shoeagazer

- UK’s Overblown music blog said “It’s kind of like if a Madchester band had been led by Kevin Shields. Dancey, grooving rhythms are laid down behind the swirling, reverb drenched guitars, and ghostly vocals“.

- Dutch blog Luminous Dash wrote: “Altogether the songs with the vocals of singer Modesto results in a sound that sometimes is surprisingly close to Curve“.

After all that feedback, the band is currently working on new material to come up late this year. This hobby will either make Devilish Dear famous or more people happy. Both are ok for them.

Listen, download and/or buy Devilish Dear’s “These Sunny Days” at bandcamp
Listen to Devilish Dear’s “These Sunny Days” at Spotify
Listen to Devilish Dear’s “These Sunny Days” at Deezer
Listen to Devilish Dear’s “These Sunny Days” at Apple Music

Braulio, Rômulo and Shelly organized a playlist of their favorites, have a listen

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Fish Magic releases 2nd album: Sky High


It would be a waste of time to enumerate all the reasons why living today is shit: Donald Trump elected; BRExit; Rio de Janeiro declaring bankruptcy, the restaurant next to my house that served the best feijoada at $ 12.90 abruptly closed.

Life nowadays is shit. But to endure, to keep your head upright, the spine erect and the heart quiet, escaping from reality is fundamental. And I believe that you, like me, were raised escaping into music. So, believe in 2016, the best way to get away from the world is to play “Sky High”, the new Fish Magic album.

You must be thinking: “this guy was invited to write about the album, he’s going to laud it” but no. Believe me. “Sky High” transports you. It was the first sensation I had when I listened to the whole record. Because it’s different from what you expect from a brazilian rock band. Because Mario Quinderé, a veteran in Brazil’s independent scene, did not hide his feelings, his moments of solitude to compose “Sky High”.

This is Fish Magic’s 2nd album, its first was released in 2015, “Songs From the Night Shift“. Regis Damasceno, Quinderé’s partner since their pioneer indie bands in Fortaleza in the 1990s (one played in a band called Dead Poets and the latter in Velouria) co-produced both albuns. “Sky High” has 11 tracks, most of it recalls the best of brit rock, made in Rio, but could be London or Manchester. The softness, the ethereal, the details in the guitar lines and the soft vocal of Quinderé.

Fish Magic is all that I like: music, movies, pictures. So I think Rio is in it, yes. The light and the evenings here… I spend a lot of my free time on my porch, just watching the buildings, the apartments and the people inside it, how light falls on them, traveling in the sky from here. I think the record was made on my balcony and, partly, that’s why I named it ‘Sky High’”, explains Quinderé. “Also, I read an interview with Tim Burguess (Charlatans) saying that today he is sober but before his life was sky high.  I thought: that’s it! In my case, not drugs. Creating these songs for Fish Magic is my sky high“.

(freely adapted from Alexandre Petillo’s text about Sky High. Petillo is a brazilian journalist and writer)

“Sky High” is out now on digital format through midsummer madness

“Landscape in the Mist” has a music video out too

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Spotlight on Sci Fi


If you ever came across a brazilian band called Câmera, you might already know Bruno Faleiro, its former bassist. Câmera is no more and Bruno has his own band now, called Sci Fi.

Sci Fi isn’t exactly a band, it’s more a one man project. But Bruno home recorded 6 songs for his self titled EP with valuable help from Matheus Fleming, also former Câmera. “I don’t raise high expectations around Sci Fi. It was more for fun and therapy, a very cheap way of home recording songs,“ says Bruno.

The name Sci Fi is inspired on the movie “Primer” (2004): “It’s a low budget movie about friends who build a time machine with few resources and lots of experimentations and travel in time. Our EP is the same, we go back to references in the 80′s and 90′s,  from bands we like, and experimented with it in our garages”, Bruno compares. We guess Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo, Dinosaur Jr, Fugazi, Trail of Dead were some of the bands they visited in the past.

Three out of six songs are instrumentals because Bruno is not a natural singer. “It was defiant because this is a ‘guitar band’ with 13 or 14 layers of guitars on some songs and I’ve always been the bassist on my previous bands. Also, I was never the singer“, explains Bruno. “I tried to use vocals on some songs as an instrument and so, I found out that some of the songs didn’t need it“.

Sci Fi has 6 tracks and has been released on digital only.
Try our bandcamp to listen and buy it.

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For those who don’t like rules: JNKTR releases debut album


JNKTR stands for Justine Never Knew the Rules, a brazilian shoegazer band from Sorocaba (a town 100 Km far from São Paulo), formed in 2013 by Maurício, Marcel and Bruno, that is releasing its first album, “Overseas”, with 9 songs.

The band had its name from “1979″, a song by the Smashing Pumpkins, and it’s a very difficult name for a brazilian band to have. Not following the book of musical “to-dos”, they confess that, at first, they didn’t like the name. “It was suggested by a friend, Mario from local band Wry, and we thought that people would think that we are huge fans of Smashing Pumpkins… But then, we realised that it had a lot to do with the way we do things: not the traditional rock band stuff, and our music is simple although noisy, drumming that resembles Velvet Underground simplicity, loud guitars and so the name sticked with us”.

For a while, in the beginning, they didn’t have a proper drummer, they worked live and in the studio by switching places from one song to another. “It was really hard, but as nobody in Sorocaba seemed to understand what we wanted to play, we thought that we’d better do it instead of keep waiting” remembers Maurício Barros.

After few singles and a 3-song EP released in cassete, they found Gabriel, the drummer, and, in 2015, started recording “Overseas”. “This album is what we think we did best since 2013 till today!”, confesses Bruno.  And what they do best is a mix of my bloody Valentine and Jesus & Mary Chain‘s noise, with a psychadelic touch in guitar textures à la Swirlies and Toy.

“Overseas” can be listened and downloaded at:
- bandcamp midsummer madness
bands’ page

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25 years ago, this day

On the 24th of september, 1991, Geffen put out Nirvana’s “Nevermind”, the band they bought out from Sub Pop months before. It was sad for us at midsummer madness that a label and a band we admired so much was selling out so easily. But it took us just few minutes to realise how big that record was…

Five years ago, on the 20th aniversary, some bands on midsummer madness recorded versions of Nevermind songs and produced beautiful music videos for those versions. Here’s our homage to Nevermind, again:

more on Churrus

more on Ampslina

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