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Shoegazer duo Submotile’s debut album has a limited CD version


“Ghosts Fade on Skylines” was released last April by the duo Michael Farren and Daniela Angione. They recorded their first album at home, in Dublin (Ireland) between August 2018 and March 2019, after the release of 2018′s EP “We Are Losing the Light”. With 9 tracks, “Ghosts Fade on Skylines” was first released as a digital album and it now has a limited copies digipack CD version, released by midsummer madness.

The album was mastered by Brian Lucey from Magic Garden Mastering who has already worked in albums by Ringo Deathstarr, Sigur Ros, Liam Gallager, among others.

The north-american classic fanzine The Big Takeover wrote about the album released and compared Submotile’s music to My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Warpaint, Swans, Stars of the Lid and others. Read all the article by clicking here.

Listen to “Ghosts Fade on Skylines”:

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Buy CD here: https://midsummermadness.bandcamp.com/album/ghosts-fade-on-skylines-teaser (for Europe, North America and Asia)

If you are from Brazil, buy here: https://mmrecords.lojaintegrada.com.br/submotile-ghosts-fade-on-skylines

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New singles!


Pin Ups is considered a Brazilian indie trailblazer. Formed in 1988, their first album came out in 1990. Throughout the 90s, this Sao Paulo quartet released other 5 albums, till they went on halt in 2001.

But from 2013 on, after having their history revised by two documentaries and one book, they decided to play one last show in 2015. The gig sold out and playing for both new and old fans was energetic. So, Zé Antônio and Alê Briganti decided to give it a go. They recruited former drummer Flávio Cavichiolli and CSS and Madrid guitarist Adriano Cintra and recorded 11 new songs.

“Long Time No See” is their 7th album and will be released in June. It features guest appearances from Jim Wilbur (Superchunk), Pedro Pelotas (Cachorro Grande) and friends from bands Sky Down and Antiprisma. It was produced by Zé Antônio and Adriano Cintra.

“Spinning” is the first single from Pin Ups after 20 years.




“Like Ghosts” is the debut single by duo Slowaves, synth-shoegazers from Belem, in the Brazilian Amazon. Matheus Silva and Carlos Duarte recorded this in their bedrooms in 2018.

To accompany the debut song, a version of “Oh My Love” from the album “Imagine” (1971) by John Lennon. “Lennon is one of my favorite composers. ‘Like Ghosts’ came out as I listened to ‘Oh My Love’, so I always imagined these two songs together,” explains Matheus.

Planning to play some shows, Slowaves recruited Marcelo Damaso (from The Baudelaires) and Gustavo Rodrigues to form a band. With the new lineup and other songs being written, a album or a new EP should be out soon.



Thomas Pappon (pictured above) found two songs lost in some hard disc – “Verona, Bonn and Belem” and “Dog Samba”. He decided to group it with three others that were been recorded after the release of his solo project The Gilbertos‘  “Um Novo Ritmo Vai Nascer” album in 2014. These five songs are now released as “5 Canções Perdidas” (5 Lost Songs).

Meanwhile, we continue to release Thomas Pappon’s videos playing Fellini and The Gilbertos’ songs at his London Sunray Garage: here.

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Grape Storms: a hidden-gem from Brazilian 90s indie


Do you remember your mixtapes from the 90s?
Well, in Brazil we were hooked by a band that came from the Middle Western town of Goiânia. At that time, Goiânia was not known for its music festivals or for Boogarins and Carne Doce.

Formed by Éder Lopes, Júlio “Zuno” Garcia, João Paulo and Alexandre Inox (pictured above from left to right) in 1990, they put out their only release around 1997, a cassette titled “Grape Storms” with 7 songs. Extremely well-produced for Brazilian standards of the 90s, the tape got them articles in several fanzines and a slot at Screamadelica Festival, one of the few times they played in Sao Paulo.

Grape Storms ended in 1998. Two years later it was the first release that we reissued in our “Classics” series. Only two years and they were already considered classic! The reissue came out as a seven-song cassette, including a version for The Cure’s “A Letter to Elise,” and a CDR version with 10 songs. Now we are re-reissuing the CDr version as a digital release (bonus tracks only available if you buy at Bandcamp).

And Grape Storms still sound fresh!

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Bedroom shoegazing: aliendawg. & Moon Pics release a split single


aliendawg. ‘s Luiz

aliendawg. and Moon Pics are two different projects.

aliendawg. (written with lowercase and a dot) is Luiz Spíndola, 21, from a small town in the middle of Brazil called Formosa, nowadays living in Brasília, while Moon Pics is Adriano Caiado, 23, born in Brasília.

They met at a skatepark in Brazil’s D.C. and exchanged links to get acquainted with one another: Adriano used to play in a band called Corvalis while Luiz had his own bedroom project called Transporte Passivo. Their musical tastes matched as well as a mutual interest in DIY production. So, they began to exchange song ideas.

With each one recording in his own room, they decided to release an EP together. “I don’t remember exactly when but we always commented on collaborating”, says Adriano. Luiz adds: I sent ‘Give In’ to Adriano because I really like the melodies he can create for vocals”.

Moon Pics

Moon Pics’ Adriano

Both songs were recorded using Ableton and Logic, a Behringer microphone, a copy of Fender Stratocaster – all direct on a Vox Pathfinder 15r amplifier as a preamplifier and final tones generated via software; the percussion came out of an electronic drum. Bedroom-pop in its purest form.

Adriano mentions Grouper’s “Cover the Windows and the Walls” albums and William Basinski’s “Disintegration Loops” as influences on these recordings, while Luiz has been listening to a lot of Radiohead, Dot Hacker and Gorillaz, as well as recent discoveries like Preoccupations and Omni.

“Give In / Paper Heart” (mms55) is the first release of aliendawg. and Moon Pics by midsummer madness.
Listen|Buy at Bandcamp
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“a genuine bedroom pop release, introducing two auspicious, bright new minds which show that they have a lot to offer to the world of shoegaze”.

Both projects have their own solo releases that you can check here and here.

Check on this webvideo for “Give In” edited by a friend using images from a short movie from 1949, titled “Begone Dull Care” by Norman McLaren & Evelyn Lambart:

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Battle of one: Fish Magic’s releases 3rd album with a great help from his friends


After releasing two albums in two years, “Songs From the Night Shift” (2015) and “Sky High” (2016), Mario Quinderé needed a break from his one-man-band Fish Magic.

“The problem is that I didn’t stop composing, I was piling songs up”. In 2017, Fish Magic released the single “Neon Love“, mostly electronic and an easier way to put songs out without depending on others.

But it did not work. For him, the natural process of recording depends on friends, companionship.

On this third album, “Just a Light Away”, Mario grouped with Régis Damasceno (Velouria, Mr Spaceman, OPorto, Cidadão Instigado) to select amongst the pile of songs which would be the 10 tracks and they recorded together, as it happened in the former 2 albums.

“Just a Light Away” also had a helping hand on the mixing for two songs (“Do not Come Knocking” and “Low Tide”)  by drummer Clayton Martin (Cidadão Instigado, Bárbara Eugênia) and also the help of Ivan Bicudo (Sexy Fi) playing keyboards in “Anywhere High”.

This is Fish Magic’s album with more guitars to date. Lloyd Cole, New Order and Smtihs’ influences are still there, side by side with surf melodies that might appeal to INXS, Bolshoi and Pelvs fans.

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(photo by Paula Barrene)

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Devilish Dear’s new music video and EP out now


It’s been almost 3 and a half years since “These Sunny Days” was released by the band itself on their Bandcamp page. Later, in January 2017, when the unpretentious debut album was relaunched via midsummer madness, something unusual happened: Bandcamp’s Editorial writers fell in love with the album.

Why the album wasn’t noticed before, no one knows.

Fact is that the quote from the Editorial team of Bandcamp sparked a snowball of interest in the band that resulted in a few dozen downloads on midsummer madness’ Bandcamp. After that, “These Sunny Days” won several accolades from gringo blogs and was listed in some best of 2017 lists.

The unexpected interest brought new responsibilities to Bráulio , Shelly and Romulo. “These Sunny Days” was the result of nearly 10 years of procrastination and creation (read about it here). Recording new songs seemed like a challenge.

During 2017 and 2018, several sketches of the 2nd album were made. “Process is very chaotic, explains Bráulio, “It’s me cutting and pasting bits and pieces of everything I hear. After months listening to those little Frankensteins, if it’s not disregarded, I start to work on it as a track .”

In addition to this slow creation process, Devilish Dear’s routine is not of a normal band. Bráulio always said that the band is a hobby: “We write songs just for the sound of it, the aesthetics. We never played a gig and this is an impediment. If people continue listening, it’s really rewarding. “

“Appalish” EP started taking shape after 2018′s New Year. “Glass React” was half-ready for quite some time when “Appalish” was recorded. Then, they decided to deliver something new before oblivion hits.

“Glass React” and “Appalish” will be on Devilish Dear’s 2nd album, almost ready but still untitled and without a release date.

“Glass React” also has a music video where the song version is a little different from the versio one on the EP:

Listen to “Appalish” on mmrecords, here
Listen, buy or download the EP in high resolution on Bandcamp, here
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So much more than lo-fi bedroom pop: get to know Macintushie


Pedro Baapz is just 23 years old and records dream-pop songs in his bedroom, pompously called Baapz Studio, in Juiz de Fora, Brazil.

With songs scattered in Soundclouds and Bandcamps, Pedro also plays in Alles ClubBAAPZ , and Flopsy Franny with Isabel Oliveira. It’s not an easy job to connect all the dots.

Macintushie is one another dot, but probably, the central one.

The project began in September 2018, when Isabel told Pedro she had plans to move to another country. The duo decided to record as much as possible. Old songs in their hard-drives became alive, with Isabel delivering lyrics and singing. Songs about being together and leaving, about loss and loneliness. “Talk ’bout” has some parts in Portuguese that says “Only those who miss / knows what missing does“. So simple and beautifully sung in Portuguese.

To blend all together, their friend Ruan was called to add some guitars and the bass line in “Triplexxx”. In less than a month, six songs where recorded.

Pedro sent the tracks to Bráulio Almeida from Devilish Dear, who he knew from previous works with Alles Club. Braulio mastered the songs and sent to midsummer madness, and here we are!

You can name it bedroom pop, dream pop,  pc music or even shoegaze, or chillwave. Pedro, Isabel and Ruan go deeper: they are interested in deconstruction and reconstruction. “For me, Pedro adds, “art nowadays needs to be in constant interaction: film and streaming, advertising and memes. And music isn’t different. It has to go against any aesthetic prejudice. You are not obliged to like everything you listen to, you just need to dissociate yourself from any conservative aesthetics. Conservatism in art is not what we need in such a dark period as the one we are living”.

Macintushie released its debut, the 6 song EP “Stillwitchu” on the 15th of April in digital format only.

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(photo by Rodrigo Baumgratz)

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Minimalist carnival

Today is the first official day of 2019 Brazilian carnival. Five days of dancing in the streets, getting drunk and being yourself.

We chose to release this cold minimalist single by Lombroso.

“Glass” has nothing to do with Phillip Glass, obviously not (the duo prefer La Monte Young)! It was recorded with modular equipment and tons of analogue effects. And that the album cover is also in analogue photography because all of this is very fashionable.

This is the record Marcus Salgado and Eduardo Ramos wanted to release 20 years ago when the two were involved with an urban legend called Jerssons. In 1999, we were worried about the millennium bug. Today, everything is bugged.

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When Italo-Irish shoegazer meets Brazilian shores

Dublin’s duo Submotile is back with a new single. Michael Farren and Daniela Angione released their first recordings in 2018 after she convinced him of not selling his instruments.

Mike quit writing music in the late 2000s because he could never “materialize the sounds that were in his head“. After some research, he realised that recording these unconscious sounds have become much easier in the late 2010s.

“We’re Losing the Light” EP came out in August 2018 with 5 songs. Layers and layers of guitars, urgent drum-machine beats and the sweetness of Daniela’s voice filled the debut. Mike lists Swans, Mogwai and, of course, MBV as their inspirations.

“Eastern Sky Sundown” is the first single from an album on the making, still with no release date decided. It also marks the start of a collaboration between the band and midsummer madness, that is putting out the single and previous EP on its platforms.

Bandcampsingle / EP

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Where 90s hardcore meets shoegazer: Strawberry Licor


Strawberry Licor is from Itapetininga, a small city in the rich countryside of the Brazilian State of São Paulo. During the 90′s, kids have grown up listening to Independent albums from the US and UK, skateboarding and fighting boredom. One of the things to do was to form a band and have some fun.

Not much has changed: in July 2014, friends Raoni Rocha (bass), Gabriel Wiltemburg (guitar and vocals) and Luciano Ayub (guitar and vocals) started rehearsing together.

After a few personnel changes on the drums, the lineup was established with Yuri Naoto on drums and the above original members. They all know each other from local bands: Luciano played with Pencil Sharpeners and in the legendary Headache; Yuri Naoto plays with Mar de Lobos (whom Strawberry Licor released a split together) and Gabriel Wiltemburg also plays in another band on midsummer madness’ cast, Justine Never Knew the Rules.

Their first EP came out in 2016, “Pupsy” has 6 songs recorded during 2 years. “It was a time-consuming process because of the in-and-out of drummers. It also was self-produced and recorded in different places,” recalls Gabriel.

That’s why later they decided to put out singles: “Megastore” came out in 2017 and “Aim” in 2018. The later is the result of a solitary Gabriel’s afternoon: “One of the drummers had just left, we were not composing nor rehearsing. One day, alone at home after a sad relationship episode, I wrote and recorded Aim. I showed it to the guys the next day and we decided to launch it as it was”, explains Gabriel

For the last two years, they have played some shows such as the opening parties of the Circadélica festival in 2018, and shared the bill with some Brazilian bands like Terno Rei, Wry, Biggs, Victor Brauer.

They have finished recording their debut album entitled “Johnny“, a tribute to Luciano’s father, that recently passed away. The album is scheduled to be released in the beginning of 2019.

I Feel Like a Kid” is the first single from this album:

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