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Countryside astronaut in Motormama’s new music video

Motormama‘s song “Não Sou Mais o Mesmo Sujeito,” has now an unusual music video:

The song is taken from their 4th and most recent album “Fogos de Artifício” released in early 2017. In the music video, Major Tom ‘Pig’ Gagarin, a South American cosmonaut, returns to his hometown for a night out and goes to Motormama gig. Sure thing to do if you were an astronaut…

The video is directed by F.L. Piton based in an idea by guitarist and vocalist Régis Martins. It was shot at Ribeirão Preto’s cultural centre “Espaço A Coisa”.

Check Motormama’s latest album:

Postado 27/09/2017 às 13:36