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Brazilian dream pop made in the Amazon

“Looking for the Big Star” is The Baudelaires‘ third album. For the first time, all tracks have shared authorship split in the band. Drummer Bruno Oliveira and bassist Marcelo Damaso wrote 4 of the 10 songs in the album. Other six tracks were wrote by Baudelaire’s most prolific composers, Andro Baudelaire and Marcelo Kahwage.

After a season in the United States, Andro returned with a bunch of songs and experience in producing. He also brought essential recording equipament to home record the album in full. “Looking for the Big Star” was also produced by Andro and Gustavo Vasques.

Drenched with guitar riffs and mellow lyrics, “Looking for the Big Star” is a homage to the american 70′s band “Big Star”. The album was released only in digital format.

Listen, buy and download at bandcamp.

Or listen to it at Spotify

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