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A good mix at Soho Radio

Pedro Montenegro is a Brazilian living in London, where he produces BarKino, a radio program for Soho Radio.

Last Monday’s, 30th of March, he aired an interview and some exclusive songs from Gustavo Seabra’s (Pelvs’ guitarist) new Portuguese-sung project VELHA.

VELHA’s (Portuguese for OLD LADY) album has no release date announced yet and it’s being recorded, re-recorded and mixed for the last 10 years (!!!). Both Gustavo and André Saddy (Pelvs and VELHA’s keyboardist) talked about the immense delays, Alicia Key’s influence and why Pelvs only sings in English. The interview is all English-spoken and includes some exclusive live tracks.

In the same episode of Barkino, you can listen to a 25-minute long mix of midsummer madness’ bands.

Postado 03/04/2020 às 15:30