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\ZINE - junho de 2018\

Melting with Lava Divers

When we listened to Lava Divers first time, it sounded like a dream coming true. A band so sharp, sounding so good, with a beautiful vinyl EP already released.

Three years later, Lava Divers travelled miles, four of them – Ana, Joe, Eddie and Glauco – packed in a small car, with instruments, crossing Brazil Southeast to Midwest. “The coolest shows were at festivals in Brasilia and Goiânia, so we could interact with other bands,” recalls Glauco.

In between touring, they recorded 11 songs for their first full length, “Plush”. Some songs are as old as the EP, such as “Natural Born Liar”, “Love Is” and “Inside His Eyes”. “From the early days, we kept some songs because people liked it live. And we had so many new tracks… it was a difficult decision,” explains Glauco.

Lava Divers looks like brothers: to be near them is always good vibes. The integration is reflected in compositions, all collectively credited. “The band has a very organic way of working. Usually some of us come up with an idea and the rest give their contribution. You can tell that ‘Forbidden Steps On Hearts’, ‘My Boy’ and ‘Tearsfall’ are from Ana; ‘Gasoline’, ‘Natural Born Liar’ and ‘Great Mistake’ are Eddie’s. But for us, as the contribution is always generous of all in all songs, we signed as a band and not a specific member. ”

“Plush” was released in September 2017 in digital format only.
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Loomer and alienation by noise


In an interview with Simon Reynolds for Melody Maker in the early 1990′s, Robert Hampson, lead guitar and voice of British group  Loop said that his intention was to produce an uncomfortable music that would be heard with your bowels. And if possible, he would love to lock the audience in a room and subjugate it to the hypnosis of his guitars for hours, only to observe the consequences.

Well, musicians in Brazilian quartet Loomer do not have such sadistic wishes. But the music they’ve been producing since 2008 forces you to pay attention with your bowels, albeit involuntarily. It bothers those who do not like guitars in loud volumes and snatches those who spend days with flaming ears tucked inside loudspeakers. Instead of locking a crowd in a room and torturing, Loomer shouts in their ears: “Hey, sit! Now you’re going to listen to us.”

“Deserter” is their second album, follows “You Woudn’t Anyway” (2013) and marks 4th recording if you count the EP “Mind Drops” (2009) and “Coward Soul” (2010). All released in partnership with Sinewave and midsummer madness, forged in DIY punk aesthetics, burned out with abrasive guitars in a 90′s-teen-party atmosphere.

“Deserter” was recorded at Dissenso Studios (in Sao Paulo) and Dub (RS), produced, mixed and mastered by guitarist and vocalist Stefano Fell. Which reminded me of Jim Reid speaking to Brazilian music magazine Bizz, back in the ’80s. Jim said about his older brother William. “He knows how to use the guitar the wrong way.

Loomer knows too. And that’s a big compliment.

This is what Loomer’s heroes do best – My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr, Jesus and Mary Chain, Velvet Underground – destroy the image created around the instrument to rebuild it with other possibilities, other sounds, other pulsations.

(text by Filipe Albuquerque)

“Deserter” was released only in digital format.
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Spotify – here

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VU e Swirlies segundo o Early Morning Sky


O quarteto paulistano Early Morning Sky está relançando hoje via midsummer madness duas versões que gravou para tributos e coletâneas.

“Bell” é uma música do Swirlies, que saiu no tributo “Protect Yourselves From Aliens – Swirlies Revisited” organizado pelo The Blog That Celebrates Itself. Eles são uma das bandas brasileiras no tributo, que ainda inclui the Cult of Lip, Fuzzy Feeling, Away Forward, The Sorry Shop, Lost Echoes, Uniforms, Sweam, You´re Jovian, Bugjar, ZEIT!, videodays, Kittinger, Adult Colour.

“Femme Fatale” é do Velvet Underground e foi regravada pelo EMA para a coletânea “O Verão do Amor” do blog Cansei do Mainstream. 

Além disso, a banda tem alguns shows marcados:


Breve mais detalhes.

As duas versões estão disponíveis na página da banda, aqui no mmrecords (streaming), para download / streaming / compra no bandcamp e também nos serviços de streaming.


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